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We strive to provide readers articles in PDF formats that can be downloaded free from the site. We also try our best to not charge authors any fee, whatsoever, for publications. JPP only encourages and promotes academic charity through subscription of its hard copy issues at a minimal price to support associated costs of publications. Hence, to keep up with expenses, we request you to subscribe our Printed issues either personally or through your institutional library at a nominal cost of:

Annual Subscription for Organizations: Rs. 5000
Annual Subscription for Individuals:

  • PSI Members: Rs. 750
  • Non-Members: Rs. 1000 

Single Issue for Organizations: Rs. 1500 
Single Issue for Individuals:

  • PSI Members: Rs. 200
  • Non-Members: Rs. 300

Annual subscription will begin in January of each year. 

For any query, please contact at

Payment should be made through demand draft / cheque / RTGS in favour of: Proteomics Society-India, payable at Hyderabad. Please fill in the Subscription Form and send the same along with payment at the following address:

Dr. Suman Kundu, Department of Biochemistry, University of Delhi South Campus, Benito Juarez Road, New Delhi – 110021, India


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